Development of an emission-based method for the assessment of substance leaching from building materials.

The leaching of substances from building products under the influence of natural weathering can lead to emissions into the environment. This process is to be estimated using a new emission-based method to provide manufacturers and users with an assessment on the potential pollution of acqutic systems by specific products. Thanks to this assessment a rating is assigned to each building material, which is indicative of its environmental friendliness.

The conslusive presentation of the project was a great success. The participants from authorities, associations and the industry were of the opinion that this new concept offers multiple benefits compared to the previous assessments, as it sets incentives for the use of environmentally friendly products that release fewer substances into the environment.

The final report for the EmbaPro project has been completed and can be downloaded from the following [link].(Emissionsbasierte%20Produktbewertung_Schlussbericht_2021.pdf?target=_blank)

The results of the project have also been published in an article in Aqua und Gas.